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VAT and Listed Buildings

We are frequently asked questions about vat on listed buildings, or vat on listed building repairs.  

It is true that there USED to be a 5% concession for 'Approved Changes' to a Listed Building.  Even repairs were still charged at 20%.  Accounting for a restoration project was a nightmare - changes had to be invoiced clearly differently to repairs.  In October 2012, all this changed and the flat rate of 20% was applied to all work, whether approved changes or repairs.

So - vat and listed buildings is no longer an issue - it's the same as for everything else.  A great pity that new-build houses are zero rated, and Listed Buildings 20% - there isn't really any incentive to repair and restore old buildings in preference to building new.  It's partly why so many older areas - city centre terraces for example, are bulldozed in favour of cheaper new-build.

Our surveyors are Regulated by RICS