Listed Building Renovation and Extension

Grade 2 listed building renovation is not something to go into lightly.  It is almost a mind set - drop out of the rat race.  Learn about traditional materials, breathability, manyana. A good proportion of our surveys are of Listed Buildings, and it is interesting that the good folk who look to buy them are very often keen to do some or all of the work themselves - and that includes million pound houses owned by finance executives.  Often it's the process of renovation (or Restoration, as we prefer to call it) that allows your brain to wind down, switch off, and go back 150 years to a gentler time, and slower pace of life. We tailor our survey work to fit this approach - helping clients to first understand the building - its history - the way it has evolved over hundreds of years - and the materials that have been used.  Once we understand the building, we can then inform the restoration project - come up with strategies for repair, for materials, where to find specific information or materials.  This can extend to training - learning how to mix lime mortar - how to repoint a wall for example.  And there's always the need to find the right people - how to tell if they know what to do.  How to specify parts of the job so it can be costed and tendered to contractors.  We can handle all of this for you if needed.

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