Historic Property Restoration Advice

Historic property restoration is one of those pleasures in life that some of us are lucky enough to be involved with. It is a vast subject, and requires a knowledge of the history of the house - the way it has developed over the years, the materials used, and the various interventions that have occurred.  We undertake surveys which firstly inform, and then provide advice.  We assess any problems found, the reasons, and solutions.  We aim to come up with a schedule and specifications for any works required. First and foremost, we want you to understand your home - we explain our findings, and the reasons behind them. We explain the legal implications of owning the building and why any regulations may apply.  We can help with any applications and Consents required..

Historic house restoration need not be difficult or indeed, expensive.  It just needs careful preparation, combined with a really in depth understanding of the building and how it lives and breathes.  From then on, work becomes a pleasure.

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