Lancashire Damp Surveys

Our Manchester area surveyors the entire northern and central part of the country.  We have recently undertaken Building Surveys and Timber and Damp surveys in Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton, Wigan, and out towards Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax and Hull.  One of the features of the northern area is the abundance of beautiful old stone built houses - and with them comes a somewhat unique set of problems relating to dampness.  The stone of these buildings is quite friable, and if the wrong materials are used, it can crumble. We often find cement strap pointing causing entrapment of condensation (described by the Property Care Association damp wallies as rising damp). This causes dampness to be retained in walls, and mis-diagnosed by the PCA damp companies as rising damp. Recent surveys have included recommendations for better ventilation, removal of damp proofing internally, and dropping of ground levels, together with improvements to drainage. The extent of fraudulent Property Care Association damp company 'quotes' for treatment of what are actually very simple problems, is quite shocking up in the north. Solutions are always simple, and never involve any damp proofing.

People come to us when they are told they need a 'Timber and Damp Survey from a PCA registered contractor' - this always results in a fraudulent quote for damp proofing works - its not a survey, it has no proper diagnosis of any problems found - and the solution is always to damp proof - something you should NEVER do to an old building.  We often  see quotes for 'chemical treatment of timber' to prevent dry rot or fungal decay - the simple, and environmentally friendly solution is simply to ensure the timber is dry - it won't rot, or get beetle attack! Chemical treatment of timber is a total waste of time - BS 7913 states this very clearly - the default book on timber problems in old buildings, published by English Heritage and Heritage Scotland also confirms this. 

If you are told that you have Rising Damp, and you live in the Manchester area, or around Oldham, Rochdale, Leeds, Wigan areas, please give us a call - you will most likely save thousands of pounds that you would otherwise waste on totally fraudulent damp proofing that is 'quoted' and mis diagnosed by Property Care Association member companies. Our northern office will help you avoid expense, and show you how to achieve a dry, warm home with some very simple recommendations and changes.



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