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Homebuyers Surveys

Our Homebuyer Surveys are similar in format to the RICS Homebuyers Survey - but we have modified it to be much less a 'tick box' exercise.  We take more care, spend more time, and have available a range of technical equipment to help diagnose any issues found. The RICS Homebuyer format is not suitable for Old, or Historic homes - those built before 1919, or solid walled, breathable structures. For these homes, we recommend a full structural survey.

The most suitable survey format is either the RICS Level 3 survey format or better. Our surveyos of old buildings are broadly equivalent to the RICS Level 3 - but much better and more detailed. The Level 3 format is a very basic layout intended to ensure the RICS surveyor doesnt miss any major points. The equipment checklist even includes a damp meter. This just does not work with older houses, and far more attention to detail is needed to survey older buildings.

The homebuyers survey report was originally developed as a cheap, standard format of building survey.  It includes the homebuyers survey checklist. This is inadequate for old buildings, which need a much greater level of detail and attention. 

Most Chartered Surveyors do NOT understand the physical, chemical and structural differences between old, solid walled buildings, and a modern Wimpey.  It is crucial that you understand this - we have seen homebuyer surveys being done for around £200 in an hour.  You CANNOT survey the biggest investment someone is ever going to make in an hour!  If you do go for a cheap survey - ask how the surveyor is going to measure damp.  If they say they'll use a 'damp meter' - you know they haven't a clue what they are doing. 

Our surveyors are Regulated by RICS