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Glasgow and Edinburgh Surveyors

Over the years we have undertaken a lot of work north of the border.  If you look for surveyors glasgow, surveyors edinburgh, building surveyors glasgow, chartered surveyors scotland, you will hopefully end up speaking to Gareth, who loves being up north.  If you are lucky enough to own an old house here, you will find the Scottish system is much more attuned to helping with restoration. There is a more active grant system, although recently we've seen this reduced.  Pete recently surveyed two big old houses in Edinburgh, and stayed in an hotel near the new bridge, where he took the amazing shots below.

The houses were interesting - both built with stone, both using a lot of very coarse, gritty sand with minimal lime. Clearly there has been a lot of modern work to both buildings - with both suffering from very bad broken drainage, and high ground levels. If you think you have damp problems - don't rush out for the local damp wally - both these houses had been almost wrecked by Timberwise - who had in one case destroyed an historic floor in their attempt to spray totally unnecessary chemicals into perfectly dry floors, and in the other case, had quoted over £12,000 for new floors that were not needed.  Both sets of quotes were totally fraudulent, based on wrong diagnosis, using toxic chemicals that were not needed.  Our advice - avoid ANY timber and damp companies like Timberwise, Peter Cox, or Richardson Starling - we've seen numerous surveys and attempts to fraudulently sell damp proofing by all three of these companies in Scotland.

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