Period Property Surveys

There is a bit of confusion in terminology here, so we've included a page for anyone searching for a Period Property Building Survey.  Our Building Surveyors have extensive experience of the style and period of your property.  A Period Property Building Survey includes very specific details about the way your potential home was built, the materials used, its important features, and the things you need to know in order to maintain the building.

What actually is a Period Property?  A lot of people use the term, but perhaps don't actually know what it refers to.

Until recently, an old, or Period Property was defined as anything built before 1919.  Now we don't really know what it was in 1919 that made something special, or Period - but after that, houses were supposed to be new, and presumably not particularly interesting.  Nowadays, there is a far better description of what an old house is:  Its defined as a 'Solid walled structure, built using breathable materials'. It doesn't matter whether it is pre, or post 1919 - the important thing to be aware of is the construction, and the way in which the materials interact with water in particular - causing, or avoiding dampness issues.

We tend not to use the description Period Property Surveyor, because it doesn't really describe our abilities - we are experts in historic properties - and in particular with the materials they are built of.  Understanding these materials, and the way they behave, is the key to any historic building survey.

Our Period Property, or Historic Building Surveyors are all highly qualified and experienced in working with historic fabric. Most of us have built, restored, (I hesitate to use the word renovate - it's the macdonalds of the food world) old homes. Peter, Brian, Gareth, Gabriella, and David have all owned, and restored historic 'Period' properties, and understand the way they are put together, and the things you have to do in order to keep them warm and dry. Maintenance of a Period Property is always an important factor - but it need not be expensive - if repairs are done properly, and key elements like roof, drains, and windows are maintained, you won't have too many problems.

What ARE the main Periods for houses?

Tudor period - 1485-1560

Elizabethan and Jacobean period - 1560-1660

Restoration period - 1660-1714

Georgian period - 1715-1790

Regency period - 1790-1830

Victorian period - 1830-1900

Edwardian period - 1900-1918

Art Nouveau period - 1890-1910

Art Deco period - 1908-1935

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