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We are Historic Building Surveyors and specialist Heritage and Listed Building Consultancy, with offices in Shropshire, Yorkshire, and London.

Heritage House Surveys is a partnership of enlightened, experienced and qualified Surveyors. We understand old buildings and can help with every stage of your purchase or restoration project. We are leading experts in surveying all old properties, from historic timber frames to Victorian terraces . The Team includes RICS and CIOB Members. Our surveys are conducted to the requirements of BS 7913: Guide to Conservation of Historic Buildings.

Pete Ward is the author of the best selling book, Warm Dry Home. Now in its fourth reprint due to high demand, the book takes the fear out of damp and timber problems in buildings.

We carry out Pre-Purchase building surveys, Timber and Damp Surveys, and on-site Consultations, all over the country.

Our Services
Full Structural Surveys
Timber and Damp Surveys
Homebuyers Surveys
Timber Framed building surveys
Building Condition Surveys
Period Property Surveys
Drone surveys
Listed Building Surveys

What we do

Heritage House is a long established brand, started by Pete Ward in 2005. He successfully discredited the British 'damp industry', and is now focussed on teaching the physical differences between old and newbuild houses. He encourages understanding of dampness problems - universal acceptance of breathability, and use of traditional materials like lime, and timber. Pete published his book, The Warm Dry Home in 2022 which sold out the first print run of 2500 copies in two weeks. It has become the standard text for anyone learning to survey buildings, together with home owners wishing to gain understanding of their building.

The crew have a huge breadth of experience, from working on Kensington Palace and Portland Place, to restoring a little two roomed cottage in the Dales. We have a Conservation Officer in our team. We have extensive practical experience of working with old houses. It's no use being an academic, or highly qualified if you can't re-build an old house and understand the materials it is built with!

Our team live and work all over the country, including Shropshire, Herefordshire, Wales, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, London and the south east, Northumberland, Hertfordshire and Devon / Cornwall.

We survey Listed Buildings, Pre-Purchase Surveys, Building Surveys, Timber Framed buildings, and Independent Timber and Damp Surveys.  We undertake expert witness and legal work on issues ranging from dampness and disrepair, to dealing with negligent RICS surveys, and Listed Building problems. What survey do I need?

If your house is Listed we provide consultancy services to help you understand what you can and cannot do. Living in a Listed building should be a pleasure - you don't need permission for repairs and maintenance. We work with Grade 1 Grade 2 and Grade 2* Listed Buildings.

Please be aware that due to the huge number of compaints we receive about RICS surveys, we have ceased our association with RICS. In our opinion RICS Accreditation is worthless.

Heritage House TV

Grab a mug of coffee and catch the latest videos from Peter's Youtube channel. He doesn't sit behind a desk talking about damp - he gets out and shows you as it is! 

These are no-holds-barred reality and you'll love them..

How to Lay a Hedge
Ben is hedge laying this week. Here he shows you how to create a natural hedge or fence using a tried and tested method. Silky Saws: https://bit.ly/3dcjAF0 The Store: https://benandloisorford.com/st...
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Orleton Manor roof - Jake's wallplate strategy
Now we have to repair the trusses and wallplates ready for the roof to be replaced. It's going to be about an 8 week program of work. Jake explains how he takes initial measurements to set up the con...
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Orleton Manor roof - Jake explains the next steps in repair
Now we have to repair the trusses and wallplates ready for the roof to be replaced. It's going to be about an 8 week program of work. www.heritage-house.org www.heritage-survey.org https://oakleyfr...
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Orleton Manor roof removal - The last bit of wallplate (13)
Finally, a section of badly d amaged wallplate is removed for repair as well www.heritage-house.org www.heritage-survey.org https://oakleyframebuildings.co.uk For more information and updates on the ...
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Orleton Manor roof removal - main truss removal (10)
The remaining trusses have been strengthened and tied together for lifting ready for repair on the ground. www.heritage-house.org www.heritage-survey.org https://oakleyframebuildings.co.uk For more in...
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