Structural assessment of timber frames

Peter used to run a timber framing company, and has vast experience of timber framed builders.  Many surveyors claim to have experience of these structures, but they have never taken them apart and rebuilt them - Pete has. The rest of the team have worked extensively with Peter on various jobs, and together we have a wealth of expertise, both structural, and design. It is this huge wealth of experience that makes us the leading experts in the country when it comes to surveying timber framed buildings.  If you are considering purchasing a timber frame - ask any surveyor whether they have repaired a frame - do they know how to cut a scissor scarfe joint?  Can they seat a mortise and tenon joint so you can't get a knife blade into the joint? Do they know the difference between French and English oak - and can they specify the way the oak should be cut by the sawmill?

We will advise on the care of your frame, repair schedule and specification - and help with engaging and supervising contractors.  Of particular importance is a knowledge of infill panels - how to repair them, how to build them, and materials to be used.  It is a complex subject, and we have used a wealth of different materials over the years - some work, and some don't.  We know what to avoid, and what works best in different situations.  Some specific materials we even have to import for our clients.

A good deal of the legal work we do involving negligence claims is centred around incompetent building surveys of timber frames. We've had a number of these recently, totalling nearly £1 million in repairs to frames which surveyors had said were in good condition.  Don't commit to buying a timber frame unless you know for sure that the frame is in good condition - we can help, and would rather do a survey than a legal case afterwards!

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