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Cavity wall surveys

If you suspect you have problems with a cavity wall, or that it has had insulation blown in under one of the failed Government schemes, we can help put together an assessment of the situation and provide a detailed technical report of the failure, causes and specification for corrective work.  We have helped CIVALLI - the cavity wall insulation victims alliance with some of their cases, and keep a very close eye on CIGA.  If you have a problem with CIGA - which most people do - then you need expert technical help - not their own surveyors, who are clearly incompetent from the number of issues we are seeing with them. Note how their chairman even has an MBE for services to the energy industry - and yet CIGA are doing nothing for victims of the insulation their installers pumped incompetently into millions of homes.  All their council and executives are insulation salesmen - there is no techncial or building pathology experience on their management team - a sad indictment of a supposedly Government run guarantee agency that protects homeowners from salesmen.

Don't forget that cavity ties will more than likely be damaged or rusted out, and result in the wall becoming unstable. Getting cavity insulation out of a wall is a difficult process and needs to be monitored carefully.  We are seeing many cases of cavity extraction where it has not been done properly.  This then results in ongoing problems for the home owner - often mould, ill health, and internal damp related issues which should never have been allowed.  This is a Government problem - they caused it - and they need to fix it.

We have specialised equipment and knowledge to investigate such cases, and will advise what is happening and why. Obstructions or wet fill in cavities can be detected with endoscopes, boreascopes, and thermal imaging.  Sometimes bricks are removed to get a better feel for damage, using equipment such as the arbortech brick saw, which can remove bricks without damaging the actual brick. 



Our surveyors are Regulated by RICS