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The Warm Dry Home

Pete's Book on Dampness in houses is finally being printed!

The Warm Dry Home:

Whether you live in a Victorian brick terraced house, or a 7 bedroom Cotswold stone country mansion, this book is for you.

Home owners, Building Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, Builders and Environmental Health Officers will learn from a wealth of easily understood information. It will help them prevent dampness and disrepair in the buildings they work with, and correct existing problems. They will never have to resort to chemical injection, tanking or timber treatment.

It is packed with practical advice to help understand the building environment, and breaks down common mis-understandings as to why houses become cold and damp. The author de-bunks the myth of rising damp, and explains the simple science behind the reasons for damp problems.

The book explains how to keep the home environment warm and healthy, by managing lifestyle and becoming aware of the sources of moisture that cause damp problems.

The author is a well-known advocate against any form of damp proofing. His YouTube channel and websites are packed with useful information. This book collects the experience of many years of building surveys into a single, easily understood volume.

We will put up a link to the book as soon as it is ready to purchase - printing takes about 4 weeks...

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