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The Orleton Project

Orleton Manor is a C 15th Timber Framed Grade 2* manor house. Pete did the original surveys over a year ago, and the new owner has now embarked on an ambitious restoration of the home. Pete is Project Managing the restoration, with a fantastic team of conservation experts. It's very much a level playing field, with the owner, Miles, Architect and SPAB scholar Christian, lead Timber framer Nick, Stonemason Chris, Lime plasterer Charlie, Structural Engineer Kevin, Roofer Bob, and Conservation Officer Andrea - all working as a team. Every day there is a new challenge. Discussions happen on the fly. Problems are Facetimed by the framers, usually with Peter and Kevin. It's a slightly bonkers team at times, but it works, and its a happy working environment.

Miles is very keen to get every detail right - rather than accepting a compromise, he will go the extra mile to make sure we can do the work in as original manner as possible. He's gone to great lengths to select the right mortar and plaster mixes, the right stone for the repairs, and to re-create the original timber frame joints. A lot of research has gone into designing and repairing windows, and removing unwanted and in some cases, illegal C20th repairs and alterations.

The blog documents the work as best we can - and should help people see how we approach the management of a restoration job. It doesnt matter whether its not Listed, or Grade 1 - the approach is always the same, with a focus on using the right materials for the job.

We hope you enjoy watching how the project unfolds!

Our surveyors are Regulated by RICS