Historic Building Advice

Owning a historic building can be very confusing and sometimes a little scarey. What can you do with one? What are you allowed to do to it? Most importantly - how can you learn about the building. How do you gain an understanding of the structure, and what it is built with. How do you repair it, and what with? What is the best way to heat it?

We are able to give Historic Building advice on a vast range of related subjects - we regularly help with heating problems - what systems to use, and how is it best to run them. We look at breathability, and how to improve ventilation. Materials used in historic buildings feature high on the list - what to use, and how. What paints - are they breathable, and where do you get them. What to do with floors - timber, limecrete, the perils and evils of concrete. How to avoid damp problems in an historic building.

We also have good contacts with craftspeople - sometimes we will be able to recommend a good timber frame carpenter, or lime plasterer - or at the very least we can show you where to look. If you do find someone, we can help you specify exactly what should be done, so any quotes are provided on a like for like basis.

Advice can take the form of a visit - we come to your home and spend a day working with you, going over the house, identifying problems and materials, and discussing options for repairs and improvements.

We can also do telephone consultations - we have an hourly rate, and can discuss problems over the telephone - we usually ask for photos of any problems, and documentation if you have any - so we can best understand the issues. To arrange one of these, telephone the office and we will arrange to look at your particular issues. Often we ask for moisture readings - relative humidity and temperature logs of conditions in the house.

If you need help, please telephone the office in the first instance - we will be happy to take your call and arrange the most suitable option: 01746 862 640. Alternatively you can email: office@heritage-survey.org

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