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The Henley Ice Cream Parlour project

Henley in Arden - the Ice Cream Parlour - a timber frame restoration project run by Pete Ward.

The Henley Ice Cream Parlour has been there since Victorian times - and we've done the Listed Building Consent work for this Project - now a team of timber framers we often work with are doing the repairs.  These guys are so careful, so precise - I just love working with people who take such a pride in the work they do.  The timber for this job is from a local wood yard, and is all beautifully seasoned air dry English Oak - we won't use the rubbish that comes from France - it's lighter in colour, straighter grain, and full of beetle. In a recent moment of excitement we had a car crash into the scaffolding and take out the entire lower lift at the front.  Fortunately nobody was hurt, so all's well. 


The Orleton Manor Project

This huge project involves the restoration of a medieval oak framed manor house near Ludlow on the Shropshire Herefordshire borders. Pete did a Listed Building Survey on the house, and this was followed by a Heritage and Design survey to help inform the development. The team have since been involved in project management on an ongoing basis. We recently welcomed the current SPAB scholars, who spent a few days on site learning stone carving, and timber framing. The project has a blog page: The Orleton Manor Blog  Pete uses the project as an examplar site for training Listed Building and Heritage Surveyors who are keen to join the partnership.



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