Fraud warning - Aquapol and Core Conservation

We are encountering quite a few examples of a very slick and convincing fraud, which involves the use of a 'magnetic' device that hangs from the ceiling in your house. The fraudster in this case is we think Hungarian - his first name is Val. He claims to be an engineer, and has no conservation qualifications. He runs a company called Core Conservation, which is used to sell a magnetic device called Aquapol. It is a not very convincing scam to us - but ordinary people are being defrauded out of very large sums of money here - he sells the 'device' for around 4000 - and trades on the claim that if you have damp, he can cure it without having to take plaster off walls, or lower ground levels, or improve ventilation. Clearly if you are claiming that you can remove interstitial condensation without removing the cause, you are indeed a higher being.

His claim is that the device is ideal for Listed Buildings because it is non invasive. I'd have thought that upwards of 5,000 or more is pretty invasive on your pocket if nothing else, and I certainly wouldn't want one of his weird beehives hanging off MY ceiling. Independent electrical engineers have looked at it and say it's no more than a weird shaped radio antenna - a bit like those swirly TV antennae you used to buy from Argos for a fiver.

I've met this bloke - I think he lives in his own little technical world of make-believe, and he is certainly very good at pushing the bullshit that he believes in. He talks the talk - he has taught himself all the terms and the methods that we all use in the Conservation game. He talks about lime - even tries to sell the stuff on his website (A pity it is all Italian crap, and hydraulic lime - which we don't use any more because it is too hard, and non breathable compared to hot limes). He talks about breathability, about cement and the evils of it. He comes and does a 'free' survey (is there such a thing as a free dinner?) The survey report comes out to you full of wonderful coloured images designed to make you think it is 'Oh, So Technical' and he knows what he is talking about.. He does - he's just buttering you up for the kill... At the end of the report is the inevitable conclusion that you need one of his lampshade devices, and that after a donation of many thousands to his fraud fund, he will install it and guarantee your house is dry. But.. only if you do certain other things at the same time - like reducing ground levels, taking that render off the wall here, improving the ventilation here, and so on. Do all of that, and Mr Core Conservation with his Aquapol device will make your house dry.

So.. be warned: Aquapol, Core Conservation = SCAM = FRAUD.

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