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An Irish Client and his Magnificent Restoration Blog

Our client, John, wanted help with this restoration.  Long telephone calls became the order of the day and the project was achieved over a couple of years, finishing in early 2015, although more work is planned.

Every aspect was discussed, and John did an amazing amount of research on his own as well.  He often came back to me with ideas, and bit by bit, the project came together.

This is his blog - I suggested this as an idea which he willingly took to, and now is helping others in the wild West of Ireland to undertake similar projects.

An Irish farmhouse restoration

Almost all materials are traditional.  In particular, he's used linseed paints for the joinery - a difficult decision to make at first, but one which he now supports wholeheartedly.  Lime render and limewash complete the exterior. I'm delighted we were able to help with this project - it just shows what can be done with an open mind and willingness to challenge the status quo.

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